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May 13:  Awards Reception 47th International Exhibition 2-4 p.m.

Please proof your name and title.  Email if there are changes.

See LIST OF ACCEPTED paintings below.   View images of accepted paintings.   * New Signature members*  


Artist Title
Abgott Anne Saks Florida
Alfery Christine   Hallelujah Mountain Wisconsin
Andersson Anders Waterlight Sweden
Attwell Kirby Super Nova USA Texas
Betts Judi LWS Harbor Harmony Louisiana
Bigony Ron April NYC Texas
Bird Matthew Once Upon A Time Maryland
Bortnick Eugene LWS Irish Parade Kansas
Bradley Marilynne LWS Memphis Bridges Missouri
Call Ken Lost and Found Illinois
Chandler Marsha LWS* Cherry Jam Georgia
Chow Jansen LWS The Spirit of Hong Kong Malaysia
Cook Robert Evening Along Royal Texas
Duncan Woody   Reggae Reflections New Mexico
Dussouy Georgie Pigeon Forge Reflections Louisiana
Eberle Howard   Tilghman Packing Co Delaware
Ellens Sy LWS-M Above Michigan
Evers Terry    Fireflies Arizona
Fitzpatrick Robbie  Patience Texas
Fox Ryan    Ta Prohm Ruins- Cambodia North Carolina
Frye Carol LWS  All Knowing Florida
Garvey Joan   Green Heron Louisiana
Georgieva Antoaneta Countenance Washington
Goldstein-Warren Laurie LWS Sabrina West Virginia
Grinstead John Enlightened Coral West Virginia
Griselle Sylvie   Passion marbre France
Harbacheuskaya Tatsiana Stephan Nevada
Hart Ann   Caught Massachusetts
Hightower-Patterson Anne  Ferris Wheel Sunset South Carolina
Holter Michael   Chuckwagon Bob Texas
Hook William G  Bridge Study 9 Washington
Hunter Lance   Seeing Red Oklahoma
Jansen Mary Requiem Oregon
Jin Li   Guava on the paper Taiwan
Jozwiak Bev LWS Hoops Washington
Keith Susan   Imagine The Possibilities California
Kitz Kathy Awakening Two Georgia
LEE CHIN CHIAN   Country road,get me home. Malaysia
Lee Kianchoong  ParadiseHiatus2 Singapore
Lok Kerk Hwang   Wheels No 6 Malaysia
Maria James Thy Will Be Done Pennsylvania
Masi Antonio   Do Not Enter New York
Matlock Matlock Out of the Box Kansas
Minichiello Kim LWS Ancestor Florida
Neill Eileen Mueller  Durango to Silverton Illinois
Nelson Vickie LWS Royal Highness Washington
Newman Diane Remains of The Lobster Catch Louisiana
Nichols R. Mike   Family Foto California
Ohara Setsuko  LWS*  First museum visit Canada
Otis Michaelin LWS The Storyteller Arizona
Ozaki Yuri LWS* Yakiyama #13 Alabama
Pember Ann   Heavenly Hibiscus New York
Rimpo April LWS* Fresh Fruit to Go Maryland
Robinson Marilynn    Maine Marsh I Illinois
Rouse Charles Night Snacks California
Schmidt Diane LWS* Connections Florida
Spellings Mary LWS* Palace Promenade Tennessee
Spino Frank   Zhujiajiao, China – Water City Florida
St Germain Diane LWS The Court Runner Louisiana
Stickel David    Boutique Eleven – Barcelona North Carolina
Stoddard E. Jane LWS Just the Three of Us New York
Stone Kathy Miller LWS-M Palmetto Louisiana
Sudhi Sujit The sun is out Wisconsin
Surowicz Rick   Mountain Runoff Ohio
Thomas Roni  Thomas, Roni  Down Time 13×18 Louisiana
Vanek Linda LWS  Through the Night Texas
Waller Carrie LWS 5 O’Clock Shadow Armed Forces Pacific
Warren Soon   Golden Light in Marbles Texas
Zeng Chong-Zhi  Taiwan Taiwan(R.O.C)
Zhang Yueqi   Nostalgia Indiana

Exhibitors:  Please proof your name and title.  Email if there are changes.   

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