54th Annual International Exhibition

LWS hosts its 54th Annual International Exhibition this Leap Year with an online show and workshop featuring juror of selection and judge of awards, Kathleen Giles! Don’t fear – we’ll be back in person next year! This Leap event is to help our international and non-local U.S. artists who have been so supportive over our half-century plus of successful exhibits.

May 1 – May 31, 2024

Juror of Selection and Judge of Awards

Kathleen Giles works primarily in watercolor and is a signature member of AWS, NWS, TWSA, PWS, American Woman Artists, the Niagara Frontier Watercolor Society, a member of the Watercolor USA Honor Society, and a member of the International Guild of Realism. Her work is defined by strong values and intense colors on a variety of subjects. Kathleen is a 2023 Arc Salon winner for her poignant portrait, Tears for Ukraine. She has won numerous other national awards as well, including the AWS Bronze Medal in 2022 and the NWS First Place Purchase Award in 2021. Kathleen’s work has been featured in Watercolor Artist magazine, International Artist magazine, the French magazine Pratique des Arts, and others. Look for her in Watercolor Artist magazine in Fall 2023.

Kathleen Giles’ website: www.kgilesstudio.com

Cost: The workshop, critique, and video link are all included for the low price of $365 for members and $415 for non-members. Class limited to 25 students – first come, first serve!

Accepted Entries

Suzanne AccettaFly High Our Julie11.5″x17.5″ , 18″x24″
Roxanna AlexanderAfternoon Contrasts14.5″x10.5″ , 20″x16″$350
Christine AlferyRed Dress30″x30″ , 36″x36″$2,200
Rick AndersonLight In The Window22″x15″ , 28″x21″
Tony ArmendarizJosé37.5″x12.5″ , 43″x18″$3,000
Gina Noelle AshNanabah (She Returns)16″x12″ , 24″x20″$800
Kate AubreyDenouement22″x23″ , 30″x31″$2,330
Gloria BakerReverence # 321″x29″ , 28″x36″$3,500
Sally BakerAppearently11″x11″ , 18″x18″
Christine Berlinson-EsserSeven Sisters22″x30″ , 24″x36″$2,000
Matthew BirdVoyage of Imagination22″x29″ , 27″x34″$6,300
Anne BradhamChild’s Joy14″x11″ , 20″x16″$750
Marilynne BradleyDance of Seven Sails22″x15″ , 28″x22″$2,200
Winifred BreinesFlat, Peaches, Cherries, Containers12″x16″ , 19″x22″$900
Joy Brinkley-HillA Little Broken22″x30″ , 30″x38″$2,800
Sharron BurnsSunlit Pears22″x22″ , 30″x30″$895
Allan ButtSunnyside Up!30″x22″ , 36″x28″
Nel Dorn ByrdThe Reception22″x30″ , 30″x38″$3,000
Ken CallAngel of Havana28″x21″ , 36″x29″$5,000
Chryl Casso CorizzoCleat Hitch, Dock Line8″x13″ , 15″x20.5″$750
Lana CeaseOut of My Depth30″x20″ , 38″x28″$2,390
Coral Ye ChenHope22″x15″ , 28″x21″$3,800
Walt CostilowChains on Blue12″x16″ , 20″x24″$950
Brenda CretneyPeeking11″x14″ , 17″x20″
Stella DaiGrazing Field14″x21″ , 22″x29″$980
Nancy Murphree DavisBetween Acts22″x30″ , 32″x40″
Nancy DiasAerial View22″x15″ , 30″x23″
Jackie DorseyLegendary Cindy Wilson of The B-52’s36.75″x24.5″ , 48″x36.5″$4,000
Kathleen DurdinDavid D: Remembering22″x15″ , 29″x22″$750
Carolyn EpperlyWicker Thrones21″x28″ , 28″x31″$4,800
Sue EvansNorthern Winter Sky12″x16″ , 18″x22″$500
Terry EversMosaic29″x41″ , 37″x48″$5,000
Patrick FaileLowcountry Fisherman30″x22″ , 36″x28″$2,200
Lan FangPhalaenopsis and Glass24″x22″ , 26″x24″$3,500
Z.L. FengBoating at Moon River #240″x30″ , 40″x30″
Ellen A. FountainSucculent Collection20.5″x13.5″ , 28″x21″$800
Charlie FrancesThe Selection Committee22″x22″ , 28″x28″$900
Jane FritzSparkling Water on the Rocks21″x14″ , 28.5″x21.5″
Carla GauthierFlorence Twilight11″x15″ , 16″x20″$700
Laurie Goldstein-WarrenCut Glass Chaos22″x22″ , 28″x28″$3,500
Leslie GuoGirls Night Out16″x20″ , 20″x24″$1,200
Yidan GuoWomen Who Are Asian Immigrants Series-Ling Tang48″x36″ , 48″x38″$8,500
Tatsiana HarbacheuskayaJohn16″x16″ , 23″x23″
Ann HartRust in Peace9.5″x19.5″ , 18″x28″
Richard William HaynesGreet the Morning18″x24″ , 24″x30″
Tracy HebertCecile’s Satsumas16″x27″ , 24″x35″$4,500
Travis HicksShanghai Clotheslines #227″x20″ , 31″x24″$1,500
Anne Hightower-PattersonBlue, White and Red15″x20″ , 22″x26″
William HookLost Faith10.5″x10.5″ , 16″x16″
Mary HouserSteeple of Time11.5″x8.5″ , 8″x8″
Larry HughesAudience of One19″x42″ , 24″x47″
Lok Kerk HwangTales of Wheel No. 2730″x22″ , 38″x28″$4,000
Mary Sorrows HughesCovid Vaccines Created: Think I’m Seeing Some Hope27″x20″ , 35″x28″
John JamesMoonblind23″x17″ , 30″x26″$1,250
Ellen JenkinsSweet Tea Afternoon14″x10″ , 20″x16″$425
Bev JozwiakFeeling Small22″x15″ , 33″x26″$1,200
Gina JudySunny Sully At Attention28.75″x21″ , 34″x25.75″
Sue KempDone for the Day19″x19″ , 24″x24″
Maura KennyHeart Beat30″x22″ , 36″x28″
Michele Tabor KimbroughCrucian Carnival Series XLIX10″x8″ , 20″x18″$450
Kathy KitzSunrise #320″x26″ , 26″x32″$1,800
Lyna KnightHombre de Peru21″x21″ , 30″x30″$1,000
Susan KnowltonTuscan Villa With Rosemary Path12″x18″ , 16″x22″
Lynne KrollSunset Harmony15″x21″ , 21″x28″$600
Chris KrupinskiCatching the Light30″x22″ , 39″x31″$5,000
Ellen KruseEstonia Remembered12″x9″ , 18″x13″
Rebecca KrutsingerThe Loss18″x24″ , 24″x30″$1,200
Barbara KuxhausenBarn and Creek21″x29″ , 28″x36″$1,000
Diego LarguiaDesk14″x10″ , 18″x14″500.00
Alexis LavineDelivery22″x13″ , 31.5″x22.5″$2,850
Kevin LeahyNorthern Border22″x30″ , 29″x36″$1,800
Maureen LewisGrocery Store Orchids16″x20″ , 22″x26″$750
Yan LiangSunshine of the Cold Forest31″x21″ , 36″x31″$10,000
Jessica LilyMight and Mind10″x10″ , 14″x14″
Melanie LongVisby’s Hollyhocks14″x12″ , 23″x19″
Stacy Lund LevyEats and Edits22″x30″ , 28″x36″
Pio LyonsSams Knob20″x14″ , 22″x16″
Laurin McCrackenA Very Personal Collection28″x40″ , 42″x48″
Rebecca McDuffieHanging By A Rope15″x15″ , 22.5″x22.5″
Donna F McGeeAt the Edge of Darkness There is Hope21″x15″ , 24″x18″$1,850
Carol McSweeneyAlways The Showman11″x15″ , 19″x23″$900
Theresa Beaubouef MillerOur Colorful Past18″x13″ , 24″x19″$950
Setsuko OharaBlue Boats25″x20″ , 32″x27″$1,400
Natalia OutkinaAlone in New York22″x15″ , 30″x20″
Lok-Hou PangWaiting20″x16″ , 28″x22″
Ann PemberPoetic Peony21″x14″ , 28″x22″$1,200
George PolitisOut of the Blue22″x15″ , 30″x23″$3,200
Lisa PopeFloral Tapestry18″x14″ , 24″x20″$1,000
Trish PoupardDrama Queen25″x17″ , 38″x26″$950
Marcia PynerBut the Greatest of These is Love14″x11″ , 21″x18″
April RimpoUnified: Playing as One20″x16″ , 27″x24″$1,600
Michael ScherfenRodeo Clown, Okeechobee, FL28″x19″ , 32″x23″
Joleen SchillerAn Afternoon in Balboa Park23″x16″ , 30″x24″$1,500
Cathy SchusterAngels Over Berlin21.5″x11.25″ , 24.5″x14.25″
Kathy Simon-McdonaldThe Chalk Artist XV30″x22″ , 36″x28″
Alan SmithBailey’s Barn20″x33″ , 29″x42″$1,300
Kay SmithAbandoned Barn in Winter9″x12″ , 15″x18″$399
Constance SpencerSensual Waters14″x20″ , 22″x28″$1,200
Diane St GermainPast Remembered14″x18″ , 20″x24″$1,200
Iain StewartHarry Chong, West Village, NYC26″x19″ , 31″x25″
Gabriel StocktonItaly Collamato Castle #312″x18″ , 16″x20″$1,245
E Jane StoddardHere’s Looking at You Kid21″x16″ , 29″x24″$2,200
Kathy Miller StoneMedusa Oak11″x30″ , 19″x38″$800
Jiangang SunShipyard in the Morning22″x30″ , 28″x35″$2,800
Yuqian SunArtificial Fairies No.10 ‘Dissonance’19″x29″ , 30″x47″
Don TaylorArtilleryman III22″x15″ , 28″x22″$1,200
Zhou TianyaPrayer22″x15″ , 30″x23″$3,000
Lyudmila TomovaHis Passion18″x24″ , 22″x28″$1,600
Adriana Toso-SchulzeMarshlands VIII15″x22″ , 20″x28″$500
Carmella TuliszewskiAfter Party18″x13″ , 24″x18″
Yuji UchiyamaIn the Light22″x14″ , 23″x15″
Linda VanekNew Territory14″x11″ , 20″x16″$850
Jonathan VizinaShrimpersrow – Summer Afternoon Calm30″x22″ , 38″x30″$1,100
Kim VoisinYUM12″x9″ , 22″x18″$350
Carrie WallerHide and Seek15″x22″ , 21″x28″$3,500
Kathryn WedgeUp There22″x15″ , 28″x22″$1,200
Herb WilleyCaptain VT16″x20″ , 20″x24″
Jane WiseThe Christmas Orange11.25″x15.25″ , 17.25″x21.25″$1,000
Voon WongBehind The Scene18″x24″ , 22″x28″$1,800
Liu YangImpression of Angkor – Bayon Temple No. 329.9″x41.7″ , 30.78″x42.5″$11,300
Keiko YasuokaBaskets of Summer’s Gift13″x25″ , 20″x33″$3,500
Jianzhong ZhouMorning Sunlight21″x28″ , 31″x40″$3,000