Membership Classifications


Granted to any watercolor artist who sends in an application and pays annual dues.  Associate members are eligible to become Active Members.

Active 1

This status may be acquired by exhibiting once in the Annual International Exhibition.

Active 2

This status may be acquired by exhibiting twice at the Annual International Exhibition.
*To maintain Active 1 or Active 2 status, a member must pay annual dues continuously.


The third appearance in an LWS International Exhibition qualifies a member to use the Society’s initials after their name provided that the member has paid annual dues continuously since the first Exhibition acceptance.
*To maintain Signature status, a member must pay annual dues continuously.

Master Status

The 10th appearance by a member in an LWS International Exhibition signifies a mastery of the art of watercolor, and designation of Master Signature Status.  This accomplishment is also known as Fleur-de-lis Level.  Only members who have achieved such status and recognition may use the Master level Society’s initials “LWS-M”, after the member’s name.  Application form for Master Signature Status.


Past presidents are granted Life membership after serving two years as president. Lifetime membership may be granted to those individuals who are invited by the unanimous consent of the Board to become Honorary Life members based on their encouragement, appreciation, support, contributions to and sponsorship of the art of watercolor in the State of Louisiana.


Members who organized and founded the Louisiana Watercolor Society.