Exhibit Rules


* All paintings are to be done in unvarnished, water based media on paper.

* Paintings must have been completed in the past three years.


* A work may be entered in both the Archives and Oak Knoll Member Shows (provided it did not win an award).  A work can always be entered in the International Exhibit whether or not it has won an award.

* New works only may be submitted to the Juried Show at Christwood and accepted paintings will be chosen by the juror.

*Definition of Originality:  From concept to execution, this ‘original’ painting is strictly my own composition.

1. The use of photographs as reference materials is allowed only if that photograph was taken by the artist submitting the painting.  (Permission to use a photograph from another photographer, amateur or professional, relative or friend, is not allowed. Artist may be asked to provide photograph as proof of composition.)

2.  Workshop paintings and works painted with the assistance of a teacher are not allowed.

3.  A copy of a workshop painting, for instance, re-painting the same composition from the workshop on new paper or support, is not allowed.

I understand and agree when submitting entries to LWS shows that violations of the above rules will disqualify my painting from the exhibit.  I will abide by the decision of the LWS Board of Directors in matters regarding eligibility.

A painting submitted cannot be withdrawn from the exhibit for any reason after the exhibit is hung, or before the ‘take-down’ date.  I understand that after the jurying process is completed and my painting is accepted, I cannot withdraw my entry.  Withdrawal of juried entry will result in a three-year suspension from entering that exhibit.

* Any work not meeting exhibition standards will be rejected by the exhibition screening committee at its sole discretion.


The Louisiana Watercolor Society accepts originalwater-based paintings on paper.


  • Watercolor is the preferred medium.
  • Acrylic, casein, gouache, water-based ink and tempera are allowed.


  • All paintings must be on unvarnished natural paper or synthetic papers such as Yupo.
  • No other surfaces are accepted.


* Collage.

* Water soluble oil paint.

* Prints, giclees or digital artwork.

* Canvas supports.

* Spray varnish, textured mediums, pastels, varnished or waxed applications.

* Any work different from the accepted entry.

* Copies or likenesses of another artist’s work.  This includes photographs not taken by the artist used as reference materials.

* Paintings developed in whole or in part during a workshop.  Click to learn more about why workshop paintings are excluded from shows.

* A re-painted copy of a workshop painting.

* Work painted under supervision or with assistance of a teacher or other artists.


* Framed paintings cannot exceed 15 lbs.  Narrow, lightweight, non ornate frames preferred.

* Paintings must be framed under plexiglass with proper hanging hardware (screw eyes and wire) affixed to back of painting.

* If matted, mat colors are restricted to white, off white or light cream.

* Minimum image size:  8″ x  10″.

* Maximum frame size:  45″ x  45″.

* Diptychs and Triptychs must be mounted in a single frame.


* Colored mats.
* Smudged, dirty mats.
* Glass.