* All paintings are to be done in unvarnished, water based media on paper.

* Work must be an original watercolor painting solely designed and executed by the submitting artist. If a work is painted from photographs (or other images), the artist must be able to produce evidence of authorized use of photographic image.

* Paintings must have been completed in the past three years.

* A work may be exhibited in one member show and again in the International Exhibit.

* Works previously shown in an LWS International Exhibit are ineligible.

* Withdrawal of a painting after it is juried into a show can be met with a penalty of a three-year suspension of entry. Failure to follow LWS guidelines can also be met with a penalty.

* Any work not meeting exhibition standards will be rejected by the exhibition screening committee at its sole discretion.


* Collage.

* Raised paint. LWS recognizes acrylic, etc., as watermedia, but it must be applied without buildup.

* Paint that sparkles or has a sheen.
This may include glitter, metallic, pearlescent, iridescent, luminescent, duochrome, etc.
Paint products that contain mica are not allowed.  READ the label on your paint.  Questions? Email lwsart@yahoo.com

* Water soluble oil paint.

* Prints, giclees or digital artwork.

* Canvas supports.

* Spray varnish, textured mediums, pastels, varnished or waxed applications.

* Any work different from the accepted entry.

* Copies or likenesses of another artist’s work.

* Paintings developed in whole or in part during a workshop.  Click to learn more about why workshop paintings are excluded from shows.

* A re-painted copy of a workshop painting.

* Work painted under supervision or with assistance of a teacher or other artists.


* Framed paintings cannot exceed 15 lbs.  Narrow, lightweight, non ornate frames preferred.

* Paintings must be framed under plexiglass with proper hanging hardware (screw eyes and wire) affixed to back of painting.

* If matted, mat colors are restricted to white, off white or light cream.

* Minimum image size:  8″ x  10″.

* Maximum frame size:  45″ x  45″.

* Diptychs and Triptychs must be mounted in a single frame.


* Colored mats.
* Smudged, dirty mats.
* Glass.