2018 Instructions to Exhibitors

Letter of Acceptance and Shipping Instructions:

Click to read or print letter.  Scroll down to see ACCEPTED LIST.  *Drop off  hand delivered paintings  9-10 a.m. on Sat., May 5.

“Letter to US Residents”  

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 Click here:  “Letter to INTERNATIONAL Exhibitors”

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Please proof your name and title.  Email LWSart@yahoo.com if there are changes.


See LIST OF ACCEPTED paintings below.   * New Signature members*  View IMAGES of ACCEPTED PAINTINGS. 


Anne   Abgott Bad Hair Day Florida
Christine Alfery Jazz Wisconsin
Denise Athanas LWS* Within Bounds II Georgia
Judi Betts LWS Party-time in the Tropics Louisiana
Matthew Bird Angel of Music Maryland
Cindy Brabec-King Tea Seeps and Recipes Colorado
Ken Call Crunch Bar Illinois
William Campbell Ms. Cool Virginia
Claude Carretta LWS Summer sky France
Francis Cordina Le petit moine France
Walt Costilow LWS Canoe Trip Alabama
Woody Duncan Clarinet-NOLA New Mexico
Barbara Pendleton Edwards Goldfinches Georgia
Patrick Faile Cathedral Rock Sunset South Carolina
Z. L. Feng Rock Pond Virginia
Robbie Fitzpatrick LWS* Daddy’s Shoes Texas
Ryan Fox Guatemalan Boatman North Carolina
Cheri C. Fry LWS Lady in White Louisiana
Antoaneta Georgieva Soon Washington
Laurie   Goldstein- Warren LWS Blues Harmonica West Virginia
Louise Hansen LWS* Leaf Faeries Louisiana
Tatsiana Harbacheuskaya Getting dark. Eastern Kentucky Nevada
Ann Hart After The Storm Massachusetts
Catherine Hearding LWS Coconut Shadows Minnesota
Anne Hightower Patterson LWS* Girl with the Red Dredlocks South Carolina
Michael Holter The Capt Ralph Texas
Carol Hubbard Sophie Connecticut
John James LWS Black Lake Virginia
Betty Jameson Butterfly Texas
Bev Jozwiak LWS Back against the wall Washington
Ona Kingdon Fly Away Thoughts Canada
Robert Koch LWS Cellar Window Illinois
Lynne Kroll LWS Nocturne Florida
Chris Krupinski LWS Illumination West Virginia
ZeZe Lai One Day In Autumn Hong Kong
Alexis Lavine Whiskered North Carolina
Chin Chian Lee LWS* Say Good Day! Malaysia
 Kian Choong Lee Paradise Hiatus Series A Singapore
Jorge Leon LET’S GO 3 Florida
Dongfeng Li Lunch Time Kentucky
Yan Liang Lakeside Poplar China
Kerk Hwang Lok Tales of Wheel No 15 Malaysia
Carol McSweeney Luthier Arizona
Jeneane Mixon Modern Man at Work Mississippi
Joye Moon Swept Away Wisconsin
Eileen Mueller NEILL Salt and Pepper Illinois
WoonLam Ng Better be in Shade Singapore
r. mike nichols Family Foto 2 California
Elaine   Nunnally Into the Urban Jungle Virginia
Setsuko Ohara LWS Cigarette Canada
Jianglong Pan Vanishing Scenery China
Chinmaya Panda Serene India
Monika Pate LWS Masquerade Texas
Ann Pember Idyllic Iris New York
George Politis Door in China II Greece
Betty Porche Iris in a Glass Bowl Louisiana
Tom Powell Body & Soul Kentucky
Kris Preslan LWS* Paris Fish Market Oregon
Charles Rouse Barcelona Nights California
Lynn Schilling John Walter South Carolina
Yanfeng Shao Overlooking① Japan
Diane C. St. Germain LWS Floral Cascade Louisiana
Iain Stewart LWS Apse End Notre Dame Alabama
E. Jane Stoddard LWS To It’s Former Glory New York
Kathy Miller Stone LWS-M March Louisiana
Rick Surowicz Edge of the Woods Ohio
Lok Yau Rainbow Tse Watercolor Village no. 4 Hong Kong
Carmella Tuliszewski Summer Showers Pennsylvania
Salvador Valencia LWS Abstract8 California
Gang Wang Smart and Sweety Girl China
Soon Y. Warren Marbles with Dragonflies Texas
Lorraine Watry Bamboo and Lilies Colorado
Daniela Werneck Left On The Shelf Texas
Keiko Yasuoka LWS Full Bloom Texas
Wai Hoi   Yau Melody from the original heart Hong Kong


If you are not a member and would like to earn Signature Status, we invite you to join LWS.  The LWS signature is accomplished with a member’s third acceptance into the International Exhibition. Please note:  To maintain Active 1 or Active 2 status, a member must pay annual dues continuously.  If dues lapse, it is necessary to start over.   JOIN/Renew

May 12:  Awards Reception 48th International Exhibition

  2-4 p.m.  Place St. Charles, New Orleans