51st Exhibit-Accepted

Louisiana Watercolor Society

51st International Exhibition


Please review your information on the List of Exhibitors and make sure that it is correct.  This will appear in the catalog.  We need to know the price of your painting or if it is NFS.  If you did not include this, please email LWSart@yahoo.com.



This is a virtual exhibit.  Awards will be announced on May 1, 2021.

A 30% commission will be retained on all sales from May 1- 21, 2021 to support the exhibition costs.
During those dates (May 1-21, 2021), the artist must refrain from showing their accepted entry in other shows, including virtual exhibits.

New Master Signatures: 

Pio Lyons LWS-M and Marilynne Bradley LWS-M are celebrating their 10th appearance in the LWS International Exhibition this year.

*Congratulations to the new signature members:

George Politis LWS, r. mike nichols LWS and Lyudmila Tomova LWS earned signature status this year.

MEMBERSHIP:  If you are not a member and would like to earn Signature Status, we invite you to join LWS.  The LWS signature is accomplished with a member’s third acceptance into the International Exhibition. Please note:  To maintain Active 1 or Active 2 status, a member must pay annual dues continuously.  If dues lapse, it is necessary to start over.   You may pay dues now to become an Active member.  JOIN/Renew